The official Operation: Sleepover walkthru

PLEASE NOTE: reading the walkthru makes the game not as fun 
anymore. If you're having trouble, you may want to try the 
in-game hint system first. Just type hint.

Also note that I haven't played Sleepover in at least 6 
months, and I wrote this late at night because I couldn't 
sleep, so it might not be 100% accurate.

--Normal Mode--

-As the game starts out, Amisael has locked  you in your room 
to keep you from satisfying your boyish curiosity about 
Amy's sleepover downstairs. If you look at and examine and 
read everything you can, you will find the magic words to 
say that will set you free. Say open sesame.

-Now, if you look at the dresser in your parrents' room, you 
should find your dad's lighter fluid. Take it, you'll need 
it later.

-Go downstairs and talk to Amy. Then go backk upstairs and 
grab the oj from the dining room and the vodka and lighter 
from the kitchen. The lighter is in the drawer and the vodka 
is in the fridge. Use fluid on lighter, then use oj on vodka.

-Before heading down to the crawlspace, you  might want to 
drop your screwdriver somewhere, like a hallway. If you 
don't, then it will end up with the lighter in the drawer in 
the kitchen after Amisael regresses you.

-Enter the crawlspace and use lighter. Go too the back and 
look at vent. Now that you're a toddler, grab your 
screwdriver and head back up to your room.

Ending #6 - go to the downstairs hallway and knock as a 

Ending #1 - use screwdriver on outlet. You can also use 
Mom's knitting needle from the living room.

-Use your screwdriver on the vent and head nnorth into Amy's 
room. When you try to take the crystal ball, Amisael gives 
you an open invitation to join the party. Remember the 
girl's name she gives you. Of course, if you forget it, you 
can always type inventory. Simply unlock door to leave Amy's 

-You'll need some pajamas to get into the paarty, so get the 
lighter and the scissors from the drawer in the kitchen and 
head back to the crawlspace. There you'll find a box. Use 
scissors on box to open it, then type look to see what was 
inside. You'll find some old ripped up cow jammies. Get them 
and also pick up the Atari while you're here.

-Head to the living room and pick up the sweeater Mom's been 
knitting. Beneath it, you'll find a sewing kit. Use the kit 
on the jammies and put them on. Now you could head 
downstairs, knock, and get into the party. Ending #2 - 
Answer A. Ending #3 - Answer anything other than A.

-But, you don't have to go downstairs just yyet. If you go to 
the kitchen, then use chips on flour and use dough on oven, 
you can make some chocolate chip cookies. Also, if you use 
the Atari on the tv in the living room, then you get to pay 
the original Operation: Sleepover. See the Classic Sleepover 
walkthru bellow for help on that.

-If you make the cookies and get all 137 poiints in Classic 
Sleepover, then you qualify for new endings in the party. 
Ending #4 - Answer A. Ending #5 - Answer anything other than 
A. With either ending, if you press enter a couple more 
times after the end message comes up, you are told to 
"say Justin Bailey" the next time you play. This is how you 
access hard mode.

--Classic Sleepover Walkthru--

-First off, get the dirty laundry from your  closet and the 
flashlight from the closet in the master bedroom. Then go 
downstairs, get the pocket watch from your dad, and head 
down into the crawlspace from the laundry room.

-Ending #1 - As a teenage boy, make your wayy thru the 
crawlspace into the sewing room and look at the girl.

-Ending #2 - get the diapers from the cabineet under the sink 
at any point after getting the pocket watch.

-Head west from the crawlspace entrance, loook at the box and 
get the panties. Then go east and get the Superman t-shirt 
from the box of your old clothes. Also get the sewing kit 
from the sewing room. Head back upstairs and look in a 
mirror so that you can see what a cute girl you've become.

-Now go back down to the kitchen on look in  the junk drawer. 
Use shirt on scissors to progress yourself 3 years. Use 
jeans on scissors to gain 5 points, then lose 3. Use daisy 
dukes on markers to earn those 3 points back.

-Ending #3 - go back down to the sewing roomm, look at the 
girl, and enter the party.

-Now that you're a big girl, go get the traiining bra from 
your sister's room. Go to the bathroom and get the diapers 
from under the sink. Go down to the sewing room and watch 
the girl enter the party. Now, before you enter the party, 
you need to use the diapers on the backpacks.

-Ending #4 - If you've followed this guide eexactly, you 
should get the 137 point winning ending when you enter the 

--Hard Mode--

-To access hard mode, you need to enter the  hard mode code 
before opening your bedroom door. To get the hard mode code, 
you need to beat classic sleepover and make the cookies.

-Say open simsi to exit your room.

-When you get the fluid from your parent's rroom, also take 
the flower girl dress from the closet and drop it somewhere 
else. Your bedroom will do fine. If you don't drop it 
somewhere, then it will just go back to the closet where you 
can't get to it after the first transformation.

-If for some reason, you need to get somethiing from the junk 
drawer (ie the screwdriver) as a toddler, you'll need to get 
the phone book from the dining room and drop it in the 
kitchen so you can stand on it to reach into the drawer.

-In hard mode, getting out of Amy's room meaans actually 
taking the door off of its hinges. Use the screwdriver on 
the hinges to do this. Also grab the ink off of Amy's desk 
and the flower gil dress out of your room. You did drop it 
in there earlier, right?

-You can skip the second crawlspace trip. Juust go to the 
laundry room, then use ink on washer, use dress on washer, 
use dress on dryer. Put the dress on, then head to the 
party. Ending #7 - answer no. Ending  #8 - Answer yes.