Nicholas Acklin

Behind Death's door. The wonderful art and poetry of Nicholas Acklin including his discussion on death penalty, politics and their ramification on today's society. Nicholas welcomes letters and comments on his words and works. Step through the door.

Tony Barksdale

Tony, known to many simply as "DC", is a young man on Alabama's death row who writes poetry for all seasons. Tony's wonderful work is an outward reflection of the inner man. His work crosses many sections of his life, his thoughts, his feelings, his appreciation of family and friends. Tony enjoys meeting people and looks forward to hearing any comments on his work. Read his Pen Friend request.

Rahnee Heath

On death row in Florida Rahnee Heath writes of the wolf in his poetry. His page also displays samples of his magnificent artwork. Take a tour !

Cuhuatemoc Peraita

On death row in Alabama, Cuhuatemoc Peraita is 27 years old and is of Black Foot Indian heritage. He is known to his friends as Lil Warrior. Cuhuatemoc spends most of his time in his cell drawing. This is only a sample of his work. Lil Warrior welcomes anyone who would like to write or comment on his artwork.

James E. McWilliams

James Mc Williams is on Alabama's Death row. He offers a reward for any assistance leading to an arrest and conviction of the persons who committed the crime in his case. Click here to read his story.

Shaber Wimberly

Shaber is 24 years old and is on Alabama's Death row. Shaber is a writer at work, of writing that you will enjoy. His work is wide and varied. Shaber invites letters from those wishing to write or comment on his work. Read his penfriend request .

Jeff Dale Tiner

From death row in Oregon, original Celtic art. This is the work of Jeff Tiner available in notecards, limited prints and as original artwork.