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Mike Sullivan is a multi-disciplinary artist living and showing prolificlly in East Vancouver.
7 printmaking methods    1997
the portrait     ongoing 
the 3 minute portrait experiment
(25 in a 3 day marathon) 2003
the Carnegie Hall Sessions   2001
lil' nudes (paint on photograph of large life studies) 1997-2003
pen & ink drawings from t.v.   1994

"Rachmaninoff" & other Composers
(very recent work in development)   2003
portrait of an artist as a young man
(& other novels drawn by me2000-2002
paintings of C.R. Avery's "A Shotgun Wedding"  2002
the quick brown fox    2002

insurmountablemojo  (4 songs)   2003
the diarial adventures of Mickey the Swan   2002
sha.la.la.la (the late 20th Century . Bop1988
a contribution to Jabbar Al Janabi's  "Anu"2001
commercial work     ongoing
early work (studies of bus stops & bars) 1988