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Friday October 31,2003

      Happy Halloween !!! Well as you know it is halloween today, I went trick or treating ...... I'm getting to old to do this. Chelsea and I took my nephews Tyler and Kyle. But anyways this week I went to this German thing to find out more about the trip that the German class is going on. The only thing is me and chelsea do not know any german. We are going to try to see if we can go, the teachers said we could but now its all up to our parents  and thats about it for Germany. This week i did not see any hot guys this week besides the german teacher and hes not that bad. But nothing really happened this week. Next week are try outs for basketball , i cant wait for monday and then we have our first scrimage on that saturday.

Friday October 17,2003

     Hey!!!  Today was my last day of soccer, yes!!!!! Now I  can start  playing basketball, I was waiting for this day for a while. But anyways tonight I should be going to IHOP.  This week was not that good, the best part of it was this guy came to my  health  class, let me tell you he had some nice muscles (guns) and he was not that bad!!!! He was an under cover cop and he talked to us about drinking and what will happed to you, but who cares about that ... NICE MUSCLES is all i can really say the only thing i really didnt like but it was ok was he had a go-tee. Then there was this guy in the magzine, he was in the ocean or something and only a surfboard was coving up his manly parts. He was so hot too im going to get his picture. Does anyone like my new layout? I think it fits for the Holloween, I still wanna see that movie . the movies i wanna see are: Freddy VS. Jason, Scary movie 3, the Texas Chainsaw Massacure and thats all i can remember.

Friday October 10, 2003

     Hey ! I just fixed up this thing. I'm so proud! It's really starting to come together. Anyways, I went to Powder Puff Football  (a charity game) practice today from 1:00 - 3:00. It was really fun. I play Defencive lineman w/ Chelsea. We are definatly going to kick some freshman ass this year! I went with Chelsea to get her present(insence) for her B-Day. Unfortunatly I can't go to her B-Day party tomorrow cuase I have a soccer game. Ohh well. I have to babysit tonight so I'll be getting some extra cash! Did I mention that last night I went toilet papering the varsity soccer players...I was toilet papering from 1-4 in the morning! It was awsome. I also toilet papered a few peoples backyards too!

Sunday September 21, 2003

       Yesterday i went to the mall to get my homecoming dress. It's purple a color i would never guess that i would get.... but i did.then after the movies we went to Mike's house, Chelsea, Ruby, Andy, Mike, Shane, and me (Katherine). We watched
Friday the 13th it was not a good movie. what else should i talk about.... um ..... oh my sister had a baby on the 18th and it was a girl her name is Odessa Colette. She is so cute and small i cant wait to see her again. Yesterday i also made and put a new layout up with the help of chelsea. I like it because it has a really hot guy on it named Heath Ledger. Anyone can give me some ideas for my next layout just write it on this. Well i guess thats all so bye for now , maybe ill up date this in a few more days. O and i cant tell you what i did to day because this is what i did, its only 12:35 am sunday. so peace

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