Morning Star's

Christmas Day

Come Share in their excitement and joy of
'25th December 2005'

You could still share Christmas with these children, for Christmas is not just at the end of the year in December, but all through the year. When you share your love, or something with these children, you share it with yourself, for you will receive Blessings so abundant that you will never cease to wonder how, why and when you receive....

Christmas Day at Morning Star, was celebrated by the children with great joy and exhilaration. They built their own 'Crib' with a realistic 'township' (the thermocole structures were part of the model of the Morning Star home that has been built). There is a fountain that sprinkles water into a small riverlet. So much was the joy they kicked up when the 3 software friends turned up with their 'Santa' caps, that they accidently bumped my camera, shaking it a wee bit out of shape. Being made of plastic body, I had to  try and press fit it back on the spot. It does work though, but a little sluggishly. Getting back to the kids, they were full of beans, and posed with the 3 friends as you can see in the photographs above.

Later the children gathered in the 'Park' for a lovely meal of 'chicken briyani' cooked lovingly by the Director John . The meal was really filling for the children who had as many helpings they wanted. I was invited to partake of this meal and it really was a joy to share in the bounty that  Providence had provided for all  of us. You may see the challenged children sitting under the shade of the trees, they had their meals earlier and were just enjoying the day. You can see for yourself, that these children also enjoy celebrating the festival of christmas. Earlier they celebrated Diwali, but I do not have any photos of the children lighting fireworks and bursting the few crackers that someone gave them. I understand from Joy that they had a real good time, I heard them over the phone making a joyful noise!!

While I was there, a young artist and his friend came to help train Shanker in his art and give him tips on sketching. This was the same person who guided the children earlier to paint the "Wall". You can see some of Shanker's work below. We need  honorary services of a 'professional' to help guide Morning Star on how to promote this art so that some 'returns' can be a encouraging factor to produce more and help the Institution. Some of Shanker's work is really good. Would anyone like to help? If, you could help, then please call John or Joy at (091 80) 28469840 or email .

 There is an Artist amoungst the Children who Co lou rs their world!

 There were some changes in the scenery for Christmas, and the front of the main building had an interesting display of brass and copper pots in the garden. Then there was the 7 sets of round patio tables with 4 red plastic stools which were donated by a friend of Morning Star.

Remember, these Children of Morning Star have been despised because they have No Voice, No Influence, No Multinational Sponsor, but what they have is a Hope that Tomorrow will bring them a Better Day. Don't bypass them because they are poor and challenged, or perhaps not affluent. Just give them the Trust that helps them Believe in Themselves. Make them feel like Human Beings. Look at their eyes, see the innocence and truth behind them. Well, if you are presently unable to have empathy, never mind, your heart will be touched when you have excess and indulge in your desires, then you will remember that there are those who are Silent, and only with hope that the Sun will rise on their dreams if nothing else, knowing full well that their Maker will never leave them or forsake them. This is espically for those who are in high places and getting a good means, and can reach out, do not slack your hand. These Children need your Love, not just your Excess! This is a time we remember those lost and breaved by the Tsunami of 26th December 2005. Two Poems that I wrote for the victims are posted on the CNN-IBN web page !

Any Donation /Cheque for the Children should be made out only in the name of "DIDIER CHARITABLE TRUST " , you will be issued an '80G' endorsed Receipt for your Income Tax Returns.

Ronnie Johnson, Bangalore
ronnie on cnn-ibn 25 dec 2005