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HI I'm Larry Hooven, aka Dirty Howi. (yes that is me in the upper right corner, bout 10-12 years ago, when I get a more current pic I'll put it up) The name was given to me due to my predilection to large caliber hand guns. I would make Clint Eastwood proud.

I own a 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500, FM99248U. Those on the list know just how confusing this car can be. I live in California, bought the car in California, and all indications from DPO (see dictionary)(feel free to e-mail additions to the dictionary ..e-mail below) were that it was a California version of the Spitfire. WRONG!, I found out from my great friends on the Triumph mail list that it is a federal version. Thanks guys, now at least I can buy the right parts, and boy do I need parts.

E-Mail is welcome at

SEND in those pix, please, lets turn this into the fruits of our hard labor. Each of us has a hand in each of the cars shown here, if only a hand in how the air compressor works or something else small, a hand none the less.

The reason I decided to put up a TRIUMPH page in the first place was to showcase the cars we love so dearly, and the friends without whose cumulative knowledge they would all still be just so much junk. Instead they are now works of hard earned art.

I wish to publically thank everyone on the TRIUMPHS mailing list and the now seperated SPITFIRES mailing list, I still belong to both, so much cumulative knowledge...SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jason Raines ( for all his help putting this page together, Joe Curry, for such great help and such great pix for the page. Andy Mace, the spitfire guru and vtr consultant...who was kind enough to let me out of joes corner long enough to get my e-mail, THE BPC for supplying parts when i need them, and everyone else who has been patient enough to put up with me...

 . . . 

Thanks to those of you who signed the guest book. My pictures are under Friends of LBC link now, when I get some better ones I'll post Ithem. I have other pictures too but have not had a chance to include them on the pages.

I need to send special thanks to my best friend and extended brother Jason Raines who made much of the formatting on the page possible with his knowledge, without him I would still be apologizing for things I don't know.

 . . . 
I have purposely removed the copyright notice from MY stuff only. Information and such should be free to all. If you send me pictures to put up in the Friends of LBC section, you do so with no copyrights, free to download to anyone. The Geocities copyright stands. -- Get Job and internship announcements sent to you for free

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