Anne-Elisabeth Moutet
Anne-Elisabeth Moutet is a French journalist and author working on “La Droite La Plus Intelligente Du Monde: À la Rencontre de l'Amérique de George W. Bush,” a book that examines the responses of the Bush Administration to 9/11 within the larger historical and ideological framework of the American Conservative movement.

The book will include interviews with members of the Reagan and Bush administrations, as well as with intellectuals, journalists, academics and politicians representing the various trends of the American Right: Norman Podhoretz, Irving and Bill Kristol, William F. Buckley, Senators Orrin Hatch and Jesse Helms, Dov Zakheim, George Shultz, Neal Kozodoy, and many more.

It will be published in September 2003  by Robert Laffont, the leading French non-fiction house: authors include Allan Bloom, Daniel Boorstin, Norman Podhoretz, Jean-François Revel, Paul Johnson, Graham Greene, Tennessee Williams, André Glucksmann, Françoise Sagan, Primo Levi, Saul Bellow, Barbara Tuchman, William Manchester, etc.

Anne-Elisabeth Moutet was born in a French-American family and has worked for British, French and American publications for over 20 years. She has been a regular polutical commentator for the BBC since 1986 and was Paris Bureau Chief of The European newspaper between 1990 and 1998, a job she held before that for the London Sunday Telegraph for three years. She worked for the London Sunday Times between 1981 and 1986. She was on the launch team of the French edition of Fortune magazine, and started her career on Vendredi-Samedi-Dimanche (for whom she covered the 1980 Reagan campaign and the Iran hostage crisis as US correspondent) and France-Soir. She has contributed to the Wall Street Journal Europe editorial page, to Prospect in London, to Valeurs Actuelles in Paris, to The National Interest in Washington, and is on the editorial board of the forthcoming French quarterly Responsa.

Anne-Elisabeth’s two brothers Jacques and Pascal are both American citizens and her father, Major Gustave N. Moutet, who was one of the first six French officers to join General de Gaulle in London in June 1940, was chief liaison officer to General Patton 1944-45. Her grandfather, Marius Moutet, was a député then senator for the Drôme for 54 years, and served as Minister for Colonies in the 1936-37 Popular Front Cabinet, and 1946-47.
Moutet (photograph Linda Carlisle)
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