HOUSTON TV NEWS Presents.....
Memories & Nostalgia

This Will Be a place where I will post your memories of people,shows,and stuff about Houston TV.

I'll Get the ball rolling...

-In 1992 ,39 "HTV" would always find time on weekends to show a special on
Space Center Houston hosted by Jim McKrell.

-Karen Kay hosted the FOX Kids Club back in the late 80's while Tammy Lynn (Now on the Houston Parks &Rec. Dept)hosted it from 1991-94

-Miss Allegro (or something like that) hosted the 39 Kids Club in the late 80's and was dressed in punk rock garb

-In 1992 KTMD had to use KHOU&KPRC equipment to get some stories and footage

-Also in 1992 KXLN had a program called 15 Minutos (Their 10pm News) which actually was 15 minutes of local,then 30 of Univision News.