Channel 2 Edition
Where Are They Now???
Dan O' Rourke (Channel 2 News Anchor)
Oddly enough he was recently spotted at an area Wal-Mart in the electronics department on the "Wal Mart Television Network" This is a system of in store broadcasts that promote products. Mr O' Rourke joined
KPRC in 1978 as a reporter, worked his way up to Morning and Noon Anchor in the Mid 80's, and finally left Channel 2 in 1995. He is married to Dr. Brendan O' Rourke who is a neurologist and still lives in Houston.
Cecil Knight (Channel 2 Traffic Control Reporter)
Cecil Knight was in Traffic Control from 1981-1991 when he decided to pursue other business oppritunities.
Mr Knight has his own Houston area party planning Business