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Hi, this page is my tribute to ToyFare's,


I will post the pictures as soon as I've scanned them.

As of April 4th 2000 i've scanned up to issue 15.

As of March 18th 2000 i've added a 11 new BigShots. Go check them out on the BigShots page.

More issues to come soon!

"96 Winter Special Edition"

"97 Spring Special Edition"

"Issue 1 September 97"

"Issue 2 October 97"

"Issue 3 November 97"

"Issue 4 December 97"

"Issue 5 January 98"

"Issue 6 Febuary 98"

"Issue 7 March 98"

"Issue 8 April 98"

"Issue 9 May 98"

"Issue 10 June 98"

"Issue 11 July 98"

"Issue 12 August 98"

"Issue 13 September 98"

"Issue 14 October 98"

"Issue 15 November 98"

"Random Big Shots"

I encorage you to:

A. Go buy this awesome magazine. If you love the TMT then you'll love this magazine. It has this comic in it plus its a Toy price guide (the best in my opinion). They also have exclusive action figures that you can only get through them! It's worth it, and costs only $3.99 in the stores. You can't beat that with a stick!


B. Visit ToyFare Magazine's Official web page

Me and some friends of mine are making a Twisted Mego Theatre of our own called Twisted Seanbaby mego Theatre.
It's for a guy named Seanbaby. You should check it out.

I found this site while surfing the web.
This guy has a large Gallery of pictures of many of the MEGO toys,
so if you want to see who was made into a MEGO, be sure to check his page out.

If you link my page to yours, you can (if you want) use a banner that i have made. just click the link to see the banners.

Please go to my main page & sign my Guestbook to give me feedback about this page,

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You can also find me on Aol IMer useing the name GinoPuppy
Also on ICQ. My ICQ # is 12279961

So far

people have tuned in to The 'Twisted Mego Theatre'.

"Now, now Spider-man. We can defeat the villains without making them feel bad about themselves!"
--Superman TMT