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The GAL® programmer GALBlast Version 1.6 galblas1.zip (545k). Build this little electronic circuit and use the GALBlast software to program JEDEC files into GAL chips from Lattice, National Semiconductors and ST-Microsystems. Archive includes schematic and layout files for Eagle from http://www.cadsoft.de and a description of the GAL programming algorithm.

The Windows Help File Decompiler HelpDeco Version 2.1 will recreate all source files (RTF, HPJ, MVP, BMP, WMF, SHG, MRB,...) from all Windows 3.x/'95 .HLP help files and most .MVB multi media viewer titles. Load the resulting RTF file into WinWord to view and print, or modify the topics of the help file and rebuild it using the appropriate help compiler (HC30, HC31, HCP, HCW, HCRTF, WMVC, MMVC, MVC, not included, available at Microsoft). The rebuilt helpfile will not be identical, but should behave like the original, even in respect to inter-HLP-file links. All text, formatting, hypertext links, pictures, macros etc. will be conserved. HELPDECO contains 16 and 32 bit versions of the program. It will run as a 16 bit application from MS-DOS command line and as a 32 bit application from Windows 95/NT command line. The archive contains the utility programs SPLITMRB and ZAPRES and source and a description of the Windows HLP file format.

Here is the FAQ of the newsgroup de.sci.electronics as HTML-Version or TXT-Version.

Electronic construction using perf boards


Assorted Links updated regulary collected at de.sci.electronics to other web sites containing material related to electronics. HTMLized by Christian. This is the original text version.

DDETEST (13k) will allow a quick check of the dynamic data exchange capability of your program.

A collection of BASIC programs that demonstrate in a simple and documented way the techniques used in the primary computer applications: Text Editor EDIT, Business Charting Software CHART, Spreadsheet CALC, Function Diagram Software GRAPH, Database FILE, Interpreter BASIC.

The MS-DOS program APPLY (V1.8, 32k) will do a wildcard scan over directories and execute commands for all files found.

Puzzle makes a game out of any picture (107k). Here is it's source. Not just for kids...

Patience, a card game like Microsoft's Solitaire for Windows (58k)

Teddy, just hangs around on your desktop and waits for a hug (165k). Based on xteddy, but configurable. It has been written as an example for irregular shaped windows.

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