Disclaimer & Copyright

GALBlast has been written by

Manfred Winterhoff
Geschwister Scholl Ring 17
38444 Wolfsburg

The program and circuitry are freeware, but are not in the public domain. Freeware in contrast to public domain means that while the author makes the product available for free, the copyright is still hold by the author. This does mean that you can build the circuit and use the program without paying any fees, but you may not sell the circuit design or Windows program, neither unmodified nor versions derived from it, without prior written agreement of the author, and you may not charge a fee for distributing the ZIP file. You should always distribute the complete package in GALBLAST.ZIP.:

The Borland C++ 3.1/4.5 source code of the program is available in source.zip. Additional Information on how to program GALs and experience with the circuit is of course welcome.

I will give absolutely no guarantee that the program or circuit will work as described, that it will not destroy the GAL chips, the circuit, or even your PC and any peripherials connected to it, and that it will program GAL chips and that programmed GAL chips will work as intended or will stay programmed. It's freeware. If you want some guarantee, buy a commerial product. GALBlast is a hobbyist grade product. If you intend to program GALs for a commercial product, go and buy a professional programmer. Do not use any GALs programmed by GALBlast is places where failure or malfunction may be dangerous to the health or result in monetary losses.

The circuit is connected to your PC and a wall mount power supply. These devices are connected to the possible lethal mains voltage. Furthermore the circuit does produce a higher voltage itself and in some bad cases the voltage may be higher than intended. If anything goes wrong, you may come in contact with high voltage and may die. Protect yourself, and build a proper enclosure, you have been warned.