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Name: Duh??? ^.^

Nicks: Ahm.. many, many... ^^Uuu... Arale-chan, E.M.T., Lady Ashurite, Witch Higuri, Lady Niikura, Kobashi no Girlfriend, Kawamura Angel, Lemonade Sugihara, Mistress J, Divine Kiyonobu, E.M. J Joley, A Divina Christi, Sweety Mizui, Je t' aime Sugihara, Graphite Angel, Niikura Yuri, Beautiful Fighter...

Age: I'm not remember... XD

Birthday: 08/25/¿?

Born: México City

Live: México City

Study: Design (INBA)

My Blog: ~ Flow of Soul ~

My Other Sites: "The Cramberrie Soda Club" / Sweetest Coma Again / Something About Fake? /

Favorite Member: I love to all!!!... but... my eternal love & absolute devotion is for... J ^^... J I Love you!!!!

Favorite Songs of Luna Sea: Believe, Claustrophobia, True Blue, Rosier, Genesis of Mind ~Yume no Nakata e, In Silence, Storm, No Pain, Mother, Gravity (I love Gravity!!!!!!!!), Tonight, A Visión & Sweetest Coma Again...

Favorite Songs of J: Lost, Perfect World, Gabriel & Route 666

Favorite Songs of Inoran: Monsoon Baby & Won't Leave my Mind

Favorite Songs of Ryuichi: Namida Iro, Stay with Me, Sugar Lady

Favorite Songs of Sugizo: Luna, A Prayer, Super Love, Â Funk, Dear Life

Favorite Solo Work: All!!! without exception ^o^

Forever & Ever... Forever Luna Sea!!!



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