We All Have Different Favorite Colors, but...
From the book Interesting Psychological Tests by Hachiro Asano.

It is well known that a person’s color preference is a reflection of
his or her personality. Although there has been plenty of research on
the relationship between personality and favorite colors, recent
investigations done in Germany divide human personality into red,
yellow, green and blue types. According to this research, by knowing
someone’s favorite color, we can have an insight into his or her
patterns of behavior and desires.
Generally speaking, men tend to like “cool” colors (those of the blue
part of the spectrum) while women prefer “warm” colors (those of the
red section of the spectrum). While many men like primary colors, women
often like pastel colors. From this it might be speculated that men who
like warm colors have relatively feminine personalities.
Young people like vivid colors, whereas older people gradually start
liking more sober colors. Old people who like loud colors can be said
to be young at heart.
As people use colors on a daily basis, their attitudes gradually
In general we can describe color preferences as follows:


People who like red are outgoing and laid-back. They tend to avoid
narrow-minded ideas. They easily express their feelings in a
straight-forward manner. They are active types who enjoy sports. Some
may like to stand out.


People who like white are secretive and have trouble expressing their
feelings. They tend to be rigid with others while being lenient with
themselves. While they are apparently obedient and loyal they are
internally rebellious.


People who like green are reality oriented, down-to-earth people. They
are great lovers and have excellent “people” skills. They value
hierarchies and ceremoniality. They tend to be conservative in their


People who like blue are introverted and open-minded. They easily get
lost in their own daydreaming. They value emotional satisfaction over
money and material objects, and relate well with diversity. They may
have been betrayed by someone at some point. While their ideas are
good, they aren’t always successful. Some might have the ability to
get to know others easily.


People who like purple are creative and artistically inclined. They
dislike routine and the ordinary and have a strong desire to stand out.
They seem outwardly satisfied. They may have trouble doing one thing
for a long time.


People who like pink are tender-hearted and crave for love and affection.
They are empathic and contentious, always eager to help those in need.
In the case of women they tend to be romantic. In the case of men they
tend to look forward to sex.

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