A Ghost on Campus?

We have been hearing rumors about some supernatural phenomena happening right here at AIU-Mexico. Seriously. People who have stayed inside the building at night by themselves report hearing footsteps and other noises from upstairs. It all seems to come from room 203. It goes beyond noises, though. We interviewed Marcela and Myra from the Language Center, and they spoke about other strange happenings in that room. The door tends to lock by itself only to unlock and open when there is nobody in the room. Some people have reported trouble using electronic equipment, expecially laptops, up there.

Once, an exchange student who didn’t have a place to stay slept over in the upstairs lobby. He was so terrified by the loud noises that he suddenly ran out in the middle of the night, or so they say. The ghost is also notorious for playing practical jokes on people, misplacing their pens, books, etc. It has also been blamed for the occasional crashing of computers in the library. Here more conventional explanations are also possible, though.

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