A Voice from San Diego Campus.

Hello fellow peers, my name is Criselda Gonzales. I am a fourth year undergraduate majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. This year's Student Government Association (student council) has nominated me as the San Diego Liaison Representative. Therefore, my duties are to represent San Diego and share with you my experience at AIU (formerly USIU). I want to be a mentor for those who are planning on ever going to the San Diego campus. Not only do I want to promote or advise people to go to the other campuses or vice versa, but I would also like to try to make AIU/Mexico City a better stay for all of us, not only a stay but a school that is well-known throughout the community and the world. July 1, 2002 marked the first anniversary of Alliant International University. As AIU President Judith Albino stated: "We can and will prepare our students, providing them with the knowledge and competencies they will need. But we can do more. AIU can literally transform higher education as we show the world how to live, lead, and solve problems in our global society."

Remember that the Student Government is here to help and serve the students and community of AIU. We, the AIU-MCC SGA, would like to thank the San Diego Undergraduate SGA for sending us a care package that contained pens, key chains, magnetic animals, notebooks, mints, pon-pones, megaphones, and t-shirts. The San Diego - SGA has proposed to be a mentor to the Mexico City Campus SGA by informing and communicating with each other in order to form a global AIU:
Fellow students, I encourage you to visit the AIU-Student Services website:


There you will be able to access email, Information Resource, and the Library Resource.

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to graduate in Spring 2003, applications are to be submitted to advisors no later than November 8, 2002.

An explanation on How to use school resources online will be held on October 29th.
Pass at 15.45 at AIU/MCC!