New Year, New Life!

September 2002 at Alliant has been an exciting month. New year, new faces, new activities: lots of things seem to be going on in the pink building at the corner of Obregon and Orizaba.

The first week of the month started with students climbing up the spiral staircase, heading towards classrooms. But it was not until the 10th of september that the new academic year started with the official Orientation and Welcoming Party for new students. All University staff presented the activities that have been organized. Then with the help of señora Silvia, Don Cruz, and Don Leo we had a barbecue under the shade of a large canvas on our rooftop. There was this rumour going around that the party went on in a pizzeria nearby --but this is another story.

The following day, on the first anniversary of September 11, we received the visit of official representatives from the U.S. Embassy. The third floor was again full of people who voiced their grief and their opinions on this tragic event. A whole lot of kids, following in the footsteps of their teacher Troy Swanstrom, swarmed the university for the event.

For those interested in real classics, Berenice Muñiz organized a free projection of "Los Tres Garcias," a must-see in Mexican culture. The film provided a good opportunity to practice Spanish.

Furthermore, the series of conferences on environmental issues organized by Ilan Adler had another appointment. On September 25, Dr. Alejandra Caballero gave a presentation on "Permaculture and Bioculture" in which she explained how to live in better harmony with the environment.

For the same cycle, on October 3 many have assisted to the projection of "Baraka", a movie about the world and its people. Wonderful scenaries and an amazing variety of music from all over the globe have suddently invaded AIU, this microcosmic example of how many cultural differences we can find among people.

We have also received the visit of a group of students from Fresno, California. Their program has been designed to get an insight into Mexican culture, both from the folcloric and the business point of view. We are sure they have enjoyed their stay.

Thanks to the organization of Student Council and specifically Aurora Garcia, Saturday 19 a group of 36 people, most of whom were AIU students, left Mexico City for a small pueblo near Cuernavaca. In there they have been helping a local family with the construction of a house, following a project of Habitat for Humanity. You can already see the pictures at AIU/MCC, waiting for the article in the next newsletter publication.

As you may know, from now on every month at AIU/MCC will be dedicated to a specific country. October has been the month of Cyprus. Thanks to its Embassy, we have been watching a movie presenting this Mediterranean island on October 10. The main event has been the coming of the Embassador of Cyprus, who gently presented the theme "Cyprus and its Integration into the European Union" on October 16. Not only the talk, but also Cyprus food and wine have been highly appreciated by a consistent crowd. Last but not least, this week on Thusday 24th at 3.00 p.m. we will be projecting "Crossing the Line", a documentary film in English with Spanish subtitles. Please join in!

As far as next activities are concerned, on Tuesday 22 at 2.00 p.m. there will be the official inauguration of the new AIU Rainwater Catchment System. Learn more about this issue through the words of prof. Ilan Adler.

On October 29 at 3.45 p.m., our San Diego Liaison Representative Criselda Gonzales will explain how to use AIU school resources online. Watch out all of you writing term papers, this could be extremely useful.

Other future activities are scheduled around the Day of the Deads, an important date for those interested in Mexican culture and traditions. AIU will prepare its own ofrenda a los muertos, a colourful altar covered with flowers and offerings to remember those who passed away. AIU Student Council is preparing a Halloween Party on the night of October 31, while on the same date, in the afternoon, AIU Language Center is planning to organize a Latin Day with talks, music and food from Mexico and nearby countries.

See you around!