How hard is express what I feel?
not so much, but express it to you
how hard is tell you what I want?
the hard part it's between "tell" and "what"
How hard is open this little feelings box
well, principally I can't find the key
but why?, if it supossed to be easy
if I just have to tell you
and you just have to hear...
that's not so easy wake up everyday
with that stupid smile on my face
and say the things that no one like to hear
no one but you, so, I have to tell you...
that's not so good live in this tinny and stupid world
where any men really love
cause we don't know anything about it
no one know but you, so , i have to ask you...

Why do you send me here?
if you dont want that I suffer
why do you give me a weak heart?
if you know all that I'll handle here
why do you let me lose?
if you just want than I make good
Why do you leave me?
if you love me as you say
and why if I should hate you I can't do nothing but love you so...

How hard is for you, don't speak in metaphor?
Well, is the only way that you can speak
How hard is for me say what I have in my heart?
I think I do have to think it first
How hard is pray that you forgive all that I've done?
I think I have to much pride
but why? if it should be easy
if I just have to pray you
and you just have to forgive me for...
Do all the things that I shouldn't do
for feel what I feel inside of me
for say the thing that I have to hush
no one understand but you, so, i have to tell you...
that I can't handle all the pain
that I have enough of all this hate
that I don't want keep what I have inside
no one know but you, so I have to ask you...


Breathless, hopeless I'm coming to you
asking you forgive me, as you say you will do...