You're a rare mix of hipocresy and sincerity,
you are so oblivious and have a good memory,
you are so superflous and deep at the same time.
And you dared to tell me the contradiction that i am.
I just wanna know, who of them do you really are?,
and i wish you have the time enough to explain me that

Oh, you are so perfect so you are all that, c' mon?
maybe i'm so young but no one is that naive
so you better look and explanation that don't contain,
all your damn, fake and stupid qualities


Your talent to forget what you said,
your ability to confuse the fun
your talent to deny who i am,
your ability to change your mind
your talent to make me feel unloved

Do you really thing you're so close to the perfection?
and do you really think that it deserve's some admiration?
so you think that i will do an aclamation
well , you're stupid... Oh! but the perfect stupid
you're so self center ... but perfectly self center
and your egoism can really really hurts.

So if you just want fun, have fun by yourself,
so if you just want sex, have sex with yourself,
and if you want to some admiration well i admire...