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-Copacabana Beach - Rio

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If the idea of Brazil cruises has always captured your imagination, then a Trans- atlantic cruises to Brazil will open up an exciting new world of things to see and do.

A breathtaking tour of Brazil takes you to visit some of the world’s most famous and exotic destinations. One of the absolute highlights is Rio de Janeiro! Few cities inthe world can conjure the same anticipation as Brazil’s most famous city. You can climb Sugarloaf Mountain and stroll along the Copacabana beach with the beautiful brazilian girls(See photos!). You can even fly over the city sights by helicopter.

In fact, there’s so much to do in Rio de Janeiro that you must increase your Brazil Cruise & Stay programme to include 2 extraproperties in this amazing city!. Example : SugarLoaf & Copacabana Beach.
On a brazil cruise, you'll enjoy a totally genuine Brazilian experience from samba parties to spectacular evening shows with dazzling costumes and performers.

If you desire a Brazil cruises, consider this options:
Costa Victoria - 14 cruises from Santos (Brazil)
Cruises bound for the most fascinating places in Brazil with departure from Santos, as follows: five 3- and 4-day mini-cruises; one 6-day cruise; eight 7-day cruises stopping at Rio de Janeiro, Maceio, Salvador Bahia and Ilehus.



If Paris is the capitol of romance, then Rio must be the capitol of Carnival. "By and large, the folia (merry making) now starts on Friday guaranteeing 5.5 days of parties (nobody goes to work before Wednesday noon)."

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