Rio de Janeiro: Carnival 2006

Brazilian girl at Carnival 2006

Carnival 2006, Brazil .


Carnival 2006, Rio.


Carnival Brazil 2006

If the idea of Brazil Carnival has always captured your imagination, then this site will open up an exciting new world of Carnival to see and feel.
Rio de Janeiro Samba School parade 2006:
It’s no wonder that such a place gave birth to carnaval. For the wealthy, carnaval is little more than a show, experienced in the way that people who seldom set foot in a church celebrate Easter. For Brazil’s working poor, however, carnaval is a celebration of the triumph of human spirit over one’s circumstances. It has been called “the greatest show on earth,” but it’s much more than that. It’s truly a transformation, where an entire country is one vast celebration, and participants
commemorate however they choose.
The Carnival parades begin on Friday evening with the lesser groups. These are usually groups that have been formed in recent years that are working their way up the hierarchy. Saturday night is for Grupo A, the groups trying to get into the top division, and the climax is reached on Sunday and Monday nights when the 14 groups in the Special Group parade, 7 each night, each for 80 minutes.

The groups are called escolas do samba (samba schools.)
Beija Flor is one of the most venerable of all the escolas, referred to as one of the quatro grandes (big four) that have dominated carnival for 50 years or more. Its percussion section has won the placa (plaque) for best percussion section more than any other school.



If Paris is the capitol of romance, then Rio must be the capitol of Carnival. "By and large, the folia (merry making) now starts on Friday guaranteeing 5.5 days of parties (nobody goes to work before Wednesday noon)."

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