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The seductive rhythm of Antonio Carlos Jobim's bossa nova classic "The Girl from Ipanema" is the perfect reflection of Rio: charming, spontaneous, and incurably romantic. Thirty-seven white-sand beaches, terraced cafés overflowing with beautiful people, nightlife that never stops— this is a city that lives in the imagination like few others.
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Booking international flights to Brazil can sometimes be a real hassle. Online booking engine gives you the ability to find the cheap fares you are looking for quickly and easily - without a lot of fuss! ... But be patient, some times you can find only expensive airfare to Brazil, we suggest to spend a lot of hours only seeing the rates!.The airport code for Rio de Janeiro airport is GIG. To find airfare to Sao Paulo ,the airport code is GRU. In example to find cheap airfare between New York and Rio de Janeiro, put JFK - GIG.
Take advantage of "hidden" connections. These are connecting fights usually less than 45 minutes apart-too close for airlines to feel safe in making them connect. Result.- These flights usually do not even show up on the computer when your trip is being routed. Way out Have your agent write up your flight on two separate tickets. The second is for the hidenn connection that originates at your transfer point.

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If Paris is the capitol of romance, then Rio must be the capitol of Carnival. Getting cheap airfares to Brazil is a must. Here some useful tips. See photos to discover what you will find in Brazil !!

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