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Brazil carnival costume: Creativity and color

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Samba school parade : The color of brazilian carnival in Rio.

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The Carnival Parade: luxury and cute brazilian girls.

Brazilian carnival costume

  Carnival activities around Brazil normally take place from the Friday prior to Ash Wednesday and continue up to and including Ash Wednesday itself. In some cities the celebrations will spill over through the entire week and include the following weekend. It’s no wonder that such a place gave birth to carnaval. For the wealthy, carnaval is little more than a show, experienced in the way that people who seldom set foot in a church celebrate Easter. For Brazil’s working poor, however, carnaval is a celebration of the triumph of human spirit over one’s circumstances. It has been called “the greatest show on earth,” but it’s much more than that. It’s truly a transformation, where an entire country is one vast celebration, and participants commemorate however they choose.

Anyone can go along to the rehearsals and join a Samba school in the weeks preceding Carnaval. Each school has a core group of choreographers and dancers who rehearse all year round. They open their doors up to the public about a month beforehand. It is kind of like rent-a-crowd, as the more people they have dancing with their school in the parade, the better.

The Brazil carnival costume
Each person has to buy a costume. Example of Carnival costume: red three quarter length satin pants, silver sandals, a sequined decorated hat and a cape-like top with Peruvian pipes attached to the back... However, the costumes can be more expensive depending on which school you join. Within one samba school there are 28 different groups and about 3,000 or more dancers in all.

Each samba school gets to choose their own theme each year. They might choose something historical, something comical or sometimes they choose to pose a serious issue, as a form of protest. however,when it was the 500 year Anniversary of Brazil and all the samba schools had to create their song, costumes and choreography around this theme. Each school is then judged and awarded prizes based on many criteria including choreography, music, costumes, floats and even excitement and enthusiasm. The schools have different grades, and in the earlier nights of Carnival are the less well known schools, culminating in the best, most exclusive schools on the final night.



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Brazil carnival costume

Costumes in brazil carnival

If Paris is the capitol of romance, then Rio must be the capitol of joy. For those who understand this, and are able to look beyond the decay to the natural splendor here, Rio is the most beautiful city in the world. This joy of life creates an energy that is palpable.

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