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Rio de Janeiro lies on the Atlantic Ocean, somewhat more than halfway down Brazil's eastern coast and very nearly smack on the tropic of Capricorn. The coastal mountain consist of granite peaks draped in lush tropical rain forest. The peaks, which include the famous Pão de Acúcar, Corcovado Mountain, Dois Irmãos, and flat-topped Gávea, dramatically hug the sea and give Rio its signature beauty.

Anyone who thinks of events and holidays in Brazil almost simultaneously thinks of Carnival & Rio de Janeiro. Whilst Carnival does indeed play a major part in the events and holidays of Brazil, with a population in which approximately one in every two is Roman Catholic, and from a continent famous for fiesta, it should come as no surprise to learn that Brazil has a number of events and holidays in addition to the world famous Carnival(or Carnaval, spelled in Portuguese). The name "Carnaval" comes from the Italian expression "carne vale" (meat worth it), that makes the meat fast and the introspection of Lent worth the feast of food, music and sex.

Carnival or "Carnaval" (in portuguese), is one of the best times in Brazil´s year. Along with New Year, it is the party of the country. Carnival follies haven't a precise time to take place. They usually happen just before Lent, the 40-day period preceding the Easter holiday. Carnival activities around Brazil normally take place from the Friday prior to Ash Wednesday and continue up to and including Ash Wednesday itself. In some cities the celebrations will spill over through the entire week and include the following weekend. Most Brazilian offices and business will close for the week of Carnival in much the same way companies in many parts of the world close between Christmas and the New Year.

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If Paris is the capitol of romance, then Rio must be the capitol of joy. For those who understand this, and are able to look beyond the decay to the natural splendor here, Rio is the most beautiful city in the world. This joy of life creates an energy that is palpable.

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