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Nombre del Sencillo Tracklist


Aqua Bubble Mix (Marzo 31, 1998)

1. Roses Are Red (Club version)
2. Roses Are Red (Disco 70' Mix)
3. My Oh My (Spike, Clyde 'n' Eightball Club Mix)
4. My Oh My (Disco 70' Mix)
5. Barbie Girl (Extended Mix)
6. Barbie Girl (Perky Park Club Mix)
7. Barbie Girl (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel Clinical 12" mix)
8. Doctor Jones (Adrenalin Club Mix)
9. Doctor Jones (Antiloop Club Mix)
10. Lollipop (Candyman) (Extended Mix)
11. Turn Back time (Love to Infinty's Classic Radio Mix)               12. Twisted Mega Mix



Cartoon Heroes: The Best of Aqua (Mayo 22, 2002)

1. Cartoon Heroes
2. Freaky Friday
3. Barbie Girl
4. Roses Are Red
5. Bumble Bees
6. Doctor Jones
7. Around The World
8. Lollipop (Candyman)
9. Back From Mars
10. Happy Boys And Girls
11. My Oh My
12. Halloween
13. Calling You
14. An Apple A Day
15. Turn Back Time
16. Cartoon Heroes (Hampenberg Remix)






Aquarium:(Limited Christmas Edition (Diciembre 2, 1998)

1.Happy Boys & Girls
2.My Oh My
3.Barbie Girl
4.Good Morning Sunshine
5.Doctor Jones
6.Heat Of The Night
7.Be A Man
8.Lollipop (Candyman)
9.Roses Are Red
10.Turn Back Time
11.Calling You
12.Didn┤t I
13.My Oh My (Spike & Clyde┤n Eightball Mix)
14.Lollipop (Candyman) (Extended Version)
15.Turn Back Time (Love To Infinity┤s Classic Mix)
16.Doctor Jones (Metro┤s 7 Edit)
17.Official Megamix






Aqua Mania Remix

1. Roses Are Red (Disco 70' Mix)
2. Roses Are Red (Club Edit)
3. My Oh My (Spike, Clyde 'N' Eightball Club Mix)
4. My Oh My (Disco 70' Mix)
5. Barbie Girl (Perky Park Club Mix)
6. Doctor Jones (Metro 7" Edit)
7. Doctor Jones (Antiloop Club Mix)
8. Lollipop (Candyman) (Extended Version)
9. Lollipop (Candyman) (Antiloop Club Mix)
10. Turn Back Time (Love To Infinity's Classic Radio Mix)
11. Turn Back Time (Metro Scuba Club Mix)
12. Didn't I (Previously Unreleased Track)
13. Barbie Girl (Video)
14. Doctor Jones (Video)
15. Lollipop (Candyman) (Video)






Aqua Mania Remix v2.0

1. Barbie Girl (Extended Version)
2. My Oh My (Extended Version)
3. Roses Are Red (Club Version)
4. Lollipop (Razor N Go Lick It Mix)
5. My Oh My (H2O Club Remix)
6. Barbie Girl (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel Clinical 12" Mix)






Aqua Remix Superbest (Diciembre 23, 2002)

1. Cartoon Heroes [E-Lite Extended Remix]
2. Around the World [Soundsurfers Radio Edit]
3. Bumble Bees [Hampenberg's Pop Mix]
4. Barbie Girl [Perky Park Club Mix]
5. Doctor Jones [Metro's 7" Edit]
6. My Oh My [Spike, Clyde'n'eightball Club Mix]
7. Lollipop (Candyman) [Extended Original Mix]
8. Roses Are Red [Club Version]
9. Around the World [Dave Sears Club Mix]
10. Bumble Bees [Raz Club Mix]
11. Barbie Girl [Original Extended Mix]
12. Doctor Jones [Adrenalin Club Mix]
13. My Oh My [Extended Version]
14. Roses Are Red [Extended Version]
15. Good Morning Sunshine [Love to Infinity's Radio Mix]
16. Turn Back Time [Love to Infinity's Classic Paradise Mix]
17. Cartoon Heroes [Love to Infinity's Radio Mix]

*18.Roses Are Red (MPEG1 Video)
*19.Lollipop (Candyman) (MPEG1 Widescreen Video)







Aqua: Aqua Diary - The Official Aquarium Home Video

(Junio 16, 1998)




The Video Collection (Japan Edition) (2001)


2.Roses Are Red
3.Barbie Girl
4.Doctor Jones
5.Lollipop (Candyman)
6.My Oh My
7.Behind The Scenes (Making Of My Oh My)
8.Good Morning Sunshine
9.Turn Back Time
10.Behind The Scenes (Making Of Turn Back Time)
11.Cartoon Heroes
12.Behind The Scenes (Making Of Cartoon Heroes)
13.Around The World
14.Behind The Scenes (Making Of Around The World)
15.Bumble Bees
16.Behind The Scenes (Making Of Bumble Bees)
18.Barbie Girl (Karaoke)
19.Doctor Jones (Karaoke)
20.Turn Back Time (Karaoke)
21.Around The World (Karaoke)
22.Bumble Bees (Karaoke)