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Greatest Hits 3


1.-The Show Must Go On / Queen+ Elton John
2.-Under Pressure (rah mix) / Queen+ David Bowie
3.-Barcelona / Freddie Mercury + Montserrat Caballé
4.-To Much Love Will Kill You
5.-Somebody To Love / George Michael + Queen
6.-You Don't Fool Me
7.-Heaven For Everyone
8.-Las Palabras de Amor
9.-Driven By You / Brian May
10.-Living On My Own / Freddie Mercury
11.- Let Me Live
12.-The Great Pretender / Freddie Mercury
13.-Princes Of The Universe
14.-Another One Bites The Dust / Queen + Wyclef Jean
15.-No One But You
16.-These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Bonus Track
17.- Thank God It's Christmas

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