Letras en Ingles

Live Killers


1.-We Will Rock You (May)
2.-Let Me Entertain You (Mercury)
3.-Death On Two Legs (Dedicated to...) (Mercury)
4.-Killer Queen (Mercury)
5.-Bicycle Race (Mercury)
6.-I’m In Love With My Car (Taylor)
7.-Get Down Make Love (Mercury)
8.-You’re My Best Friend (Deacon)
9.-Now I’m Here (May)
10.-Dreamers Ball (May)
11.-Love Of My Life (Mercury)
12.-‘39 (May)
13.-Keep Yourself Alive (May)
14.-Don’t Stop Me Now (Mercury)
15.-Spread Your Wings (Deacon)
16.-Brighton Rock (May)
17.-Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury)
18.-Tie Your Mother Down (May)
19.-Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor)
20.-We Will Rock You (May)
21.-We Are The Champions (Mercury)
22.-God Save The Queen (Trad. Arr. May)

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