Hi, I got to your Website by mistake and as I read I began thinking it was not such a big mistake. I don't know if I'm "qualified" to message you or if this message will help, anyway I don't pretend to become your friend or anything if you don't want to, so I'll give it a try.

To begin, never imagined someone with your profile. I've not read all the site still but seems pretty interesting. I have to say that, if you really are like you seem trhough it, this letter really worths the effort of writting it in the middle of the night with my tired eyes starig at the screen and trying to see what I'm writting.

Yes, as you can see this can be another anoying introducing letters so I'll better get a little more to the point. I won't make you read anymore in vane, so before you continue maybe you'd like to know some of my basic facts.

I live in México, Speak mainly spanish but I'm not that bad at english. I'm 19 years old and was born in February the firs of 1984 at 12 pm (at least that's what the hospital record says, my regist with the goverment says it was 1pm). As you can figure out I'm an Acuarious guy and very it. My life as a child was kind of tricky and that's mainly why I'd like to meet you.

I'm still as unsure of you as you might be of me, so I can not tell more details unless some day they come on to topic, of course if anytime we get to talk, I must say I do belive in magic an don't like to judge people for what they do or belive. I can't avoid showing respect for people like you (at least for the people who seems to have written the site) I also hate the Animal Planet guy, and I hope someday to be able to tell someone "she's still the one" when I'd been living with her all my life. I've still not read anything about your thinkings about love, but, as the curious person I'm I like to think there is more on it than dark rooms and low music, I'm doig my best to discover real love someday and be able to understand it and keep it safe from the outside forces that corrupt it.

Changing the topic to don't turn this letter too dramatic, I must say that, don't even knowing really why, I like thath "legaly blond" movie too. I got a lot of other things in common with what you mention on your "likes section", but this one is particulary far from my personal stuff so I mention it. The bizarre movies can be another example, I'm almost thinkig in taking your website and just change the colors, and the pictures and upload it as mine, cause it's so my description (Except by your female facts of course) that I really could do that, and don't think I'm just trying to get a chat with you, remember I don't even know who I'm talking to, and as you say, I may hate you (even when I don't think that could happen) if met your real you.

But, I'm remembering, you don't know me either, so It's not fear that you read a lot about my thoughts before even knowing me, so I'll keep the rest just in case you are interested of sharing them and discussing (in a friendly way) them. Thanks for your time, If you've read till this part of the letter maybe you are closer to the profile I imagine than what I think right now.

Have a nice day. And, in case I don't have other chance to talk to you, I must say it was very joyfull to find your description online, I don't pretend to met you in person, but that's just kind of a sign that still there are people I could get along with and understand, and also that still there are people who create a way instead of following the one on TV. Again thanks. All the best for you and your family. Sincerily Roberto.