Italian Links

General Links

The CIA world factbook for Italy is a very revealing look at a bunch of numbers and facts.

The State Department background notes for Italy

The Italian embasey in D.C. has a lot of very usefull information and links.

Italian Political Parties are what make Italy so orderly. Last I heard the Italian Anarchists were vowing to bring order to the Italian system. Italian culture has a lot of interesting information on all aspects of Italy.

This is a map of Italy with city maps.

This is a map of major transport routs in Italy.

Here you can see a virtual tour of Italy.


Language, Literature, Music, and Art

Regional Information

if you are interested specifically in Sicily, or anything Sicilian, then I would suggest my Sicily site.

News in Italy


By far the best part of Italy is the food. As I collect and/or create them I will be adding recipes of my own, but for now, these will have to do.

Computer Resources

For the more technically minded I have included a few Italian search engines and other computer resources related to Italy.