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Long time ago the dragons used to live and speak to the humans but then they were betrayed for the mankind, even after the that some of them still trust in some humans but they decided that it is wasn't safe to live among the humans. but they didn't want to break that friendship so they decide to make a brotherhood

the brotherhood of the dragons

This brotherhood it is divited in three houses or groups called:

the black dragons who only served to themselves

the light dragons who only served to protect the good

the last one it is secret house so nobody knows the name but some wizards say they are the most powerful ones....

The dragons no longer speak to humans because after being betrayed they decided that the best it was to go back to the old savage ways. This is the official page of the house of the Blacks dragons or BD. This is were all new BD they'll have their trainment.To really become a real blackdragon-wizard you'll have to pass all the year to join to the brotherhood once you have done that you'll be able to get in the officials metings of members.

To read the list of official memebers you’ll have to go to see our headmaster (the person who start this). To visit our house history Click here

If your wish is it to join us my owl adress it is ashley_mine@yahoo.com I am the one who search and train new student to become Blacks dragons wizards or knights I only got four places for more people if you don't fit in this year you'll become a student next year so don't worry. If you don't want to join you can keep coming because soon I'll have the transcription of all battles and stuff like that Like this one: Battle in the Woods (slytherins please don't read it because it is from gryff. board)

The spanish version it 'll be aviable soon/La version en español pronto estara disponible. Harry potter Privacy Policy

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