After the dragons and the only trustables humans make the brotherhood of the 3 dragons. They divited it in three houses or groups they were called:

the light dragons- who only served to the good

the Black Dragons- who only served to themselves

The last one name it is a mystery for the other people who doesn't belong there. But the others houses agreed call them the mightsty house.

Our house was created for 5 dragons and wizard. Their names are: The dragon of Fire (from the mountains of harlindon)

His brother the dragon of The Shadow-fire (from the mountains of sadow)

Smaug (a dragon who did become evil later from the lonely mountain)

The dragon from the marked lands wich name is it lost in the times

Growthar (a dragon from the Grey Mountains)

And Lord Farewell (his name it is not a joke) from Papunika kingdoom (destroyed long time ago).

the objective of all of our aspirants it is to become a brack dragon-sorcer that mean you are only student you are about to become a black dragon-wizard or a blackdragon-witch this links aren't ready but they will be in short time:

the fire within

our internal dragon

levitating class

about dragons