Inversion Method for focal mechanism solution

Inversion Method for focal mechanism solution

The green function method is useful to imitate or find a certain transfer function of some source about we want to know more detailed information, in this example we applied this green function method by using a software which is quiet useful to do this, but before make the assignment of depth in the program we should made one step that was to graph the wave form of the data. (Figure1.1).

Figure 1.1 Wave form graph.

Figure 1.2 Graph of the focal mechanism of the initial depth respect to the variance.

After this we began running the program assuming a certain depth of the hypocenter, in this case we started with 10 Km., but we noticed according with the variance that the first assumption was not well fit to the real data so then we proceeded to input new depth until we find a good fit (see graph variance Vs. depth).I must say that the fitting varies depending also of others parameter like the filter for instance. Finally we saw that focal mechanism obtained correspond to a reverse fault but with some displacement horizontally.

Figure 1.3 Graph of the focal mechanism of the best depth respect to the variance

Figure 1.4 Curve which shows the changing of the variance through the iteration