The fringe of the Pacific it is affected by quakes, the majority, especially the most violent, has occurred in the zone of subduction of the Pacific Ocean. These have been able to cause destruction in the whole Nicaraguan coast. They in the volcanic chain have registered events energetically less strong but destructive, given their depth and proximity to towns.

Fig. 1. Structures regional map of Central America and search area.(INETER)

Between the lakes of Nicaragua and Managua always are registered quakes strong, the quakes occurred in july 2000, it was the most destructive only superated by the 1972 earthquake. This time, the damage and the losses its maintained relatively little, because the main event occurred in areas with a small poblation, the area of Managua is the zone with the highest seismic hazard in Nicaragua. Also the volcanic chain between the cities of Managua and Granada, consist of two big blocks of rocks that are fractioning continually, the forces that moves this blocks are:
a) The external pressure of plates
b) The vertical pull of magma this is though penetration of earth´s crust.
c) The vertical pull of volcanoes weight that is deforming the earth’s surface
d) Collapse of volcanic structures, which in eruption threw a big quantity of material to the atmosphere and let a hole in the crust.

Figure 2. Seismicity map of Central America(USGS).