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Hi! Welcome to Saku-chan in loverland, the collective of my fanlistings, which are approved by The fanlisting network or/and The anime fanlisting network. Feel free to look around and view and JOIN!!! (xD) my fanlistings or see the fanlistings thet I've joined.

Actually you are looking the version 3 of the collective, The cute smile of my lover. In the layout we can see MY HUSBAND Koike Teppei, one of the two members of WaT.

Current fanlistings: 17 fanlistings
Upcoming fanlistings: 3 fanlisting
Joined fanlistings: 280 fanlistings

&; Updates

26.11.06: I will be moving the fanlisting to the Akari's host :D thanks, for the hosting! :D

02.09.06: I update the wishlist, i add six fanlisting to the fanlistings owneds : D and i only have 3 fanlistings in the upcoming section. Please enjoy and be happy xD

10.08.06: I add 5 upcoming fanlistings :D

28.07.06: Finally i have the WaT fanlisting online =D and i have another fanlisting in the upcoming list ='D

19.07.06: I have the Otani Atsushi fanlisting online =DDD please join! And FINNALY!!! THE WAT FANLISTING IS MINE!!! BWUAJAJAJAJAJA! w!!!

18.07.06: I add a new affiliate.

15.07.06: We have a new affiliate, Addiction =3

09.07.06: New version in a new lenguaje.

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