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Click here to read more.Namaqualand is an enigma. Dry, sun-baked and windswept for most of the year, after the right amount of rain, the landscape in spring explodes in a wonderland of color as far as the eye can see. The marvelous displays of wild flowers have made Namaqualand famous throughout the world. The Richtersveld section of Namaqualand displays scenes from nature that seem inexplicable: a rocky moonscape, dry and unforgiving flanks the cool and mighty Orange River with its banks of lush greenery. If you're fit, prepared to rough it, and keen to explore unknown territory, the Richtersveld was designed especially for you!

nnmdkwland or Namaland ndmland , region, (388,500 sq km). It extends from Windhoek, Namibia, in the north to Northern Cape, South Africa, in the south and from the Namib Desert in the west to the Kalahari Desert in the east. The Orange River divides the region into Great Namaqualand (in Namibia) and Little Namaqualand (in Northern Cape). An arid region, Namaqualand is populated chiefly by the pastoral-agricultural Nama (Hottentots), who speak a Khoikhoi language. Near the Atlantic Ocean are extensive alluvial diamond beds; copper is mined in Little Namaqualand. Karakul pelts are a major export of the region. With the small town of Garies forming the southern boundary and the desert solitude of Pofadder in the east, the world's most awe-inspiring floral region is bound in the north by the persistent tide and impassable cliffs of the mighty Orange River Valley. To the west, the heaving swells of chill, brooding Atlantic chart a formidable frontier. Within these confines lies and enchanted, richly blessed land. 
Atlantic chart a formidable frontier. Within these confines lies and enchanted, richly blessed land. 

Annually, Namaqualand, the land of Nama and the San, hosts the greatest show on earth. Each spring, Mother Nature shakes off winter's bite and bursts into song, covering our vast desert spaces with flamboyant symphonies of floral splendor. A celestial artist, she saturates the sunbaked canvas of our deserts with a multihued array of wild flowers. Piling one miracle on the next, you will marvel at the tenacity of her many rare, unique and endangered plants. These plants are adapted to a climate defying all life, to survive and thrive in a beautiful land of blistering extremes.

Track the Old Copper Way back to the 17th century, when Simon van der Stel's expeditions sank their spades deep into the rich, copper-bearing earth, soak yourself in the colorful histories of towns deeply rooted in a proud mining tradition. Ponder, at Alexander Bay, the reasoning of the countless treasure seekers who, during the 1928 Diamond Rebellion, were prepared to die in a foreign land for the chance to stake their small claim to the area's newfound mineral wealth. 

Experience the mystery and wonder of the approaching star-studded night, when shadows don the mantles of ancient spirits, leaping with abandon around bizarrely-shaped granite outcrops or filtering snake-like nimbleness through spidery arms of countless kokerbome - welcoming the reflection of diamonds in the sky.

Alternatively, wrap yourself in an aura of meditation and escape to timeless serenity of a solitary, palm-fringed cathedral rooted forever in a corner of our contemplative earth. Or, as the copper sun sets on Port Nolloth's diamond sea and the last, lonely lines are reeled in, indulge in a crayfish barbecue (braai) built on a bed of embers glowing like the pyres of the seafarers of old, wrecked on our endless shores, their memories now swimming in the timeless depths of the great Atlantic Ocean.

The land of the Nama is the Creator's playground, a kingdom of contrasts where indescribable beauty and a rigorous climate pool mysterious forces to create a natural wonderland. It is a land of mystery, magic. 

South African Coach Tours is offering you this 6 Day 5 Night Namaqualand Wild Flower Tour.

Tour Highlights:
  • West Coast - Mamre Mission, Darling, Ysterfontein, West Coast National Park, Postberg Nature Reserve
    Saldanha Bay - Velddrif, Fossil Park
    Lamberts Bay - Piketberg, Citrusdal, Bird Island, Gannets
    Clanwillaim - Ramskop Flower Reserve, Rooibos Tea Board, Strassberger Shoe Factory
    Cederberg Mountains - Leipolt's Grave, Biedouw Valley, Gentleman's Lodgings
    Lutzville - Vredendal, Namaqua Wines 
    Vanrhynsdorp - Succulent Nursery
    Namaqualand - Skilpad - Namaqua National Park, Kamieskroon Mountains
    Springbok - Kliprand, Aloe Forest, Waterfall, Matjiesfontien Wild Flower Farm, Glacial Pavement
    Nieuwoudtville - Calvinia, Museum, Great Karoo, Sutherland, Matjiesfontein
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