Have you ever screamed?
Just to be heard,
Your mouth wide open
But never utter a word.

It happened to me
On a hot summer night,
The words that she spoke
Were the LOUD QUIET!

What she had to say
Her LOVE was no more,
My HEART ripped to shreds
Millions of pieces it tore!

I cried for answers
Some sort of reason,
None would I find
That hot summer season.

Like a thief in the night
It stole all I had,
All my LOVE taken
It really hurts so bad!

Like a brutal war
That will never end,
Is not my friend.

How can something be so quiet
But yet be so loud,
Like lightning in the distance
From a huge storm cloud.

Itís like a raging fire
Burning out of control,
You try to run away
Thereís nowhere to go.

LOUD QUIET you canít hear
But your ears always ring,
What is this you hear
You never hear a THING!

Penned By:
Neil Raney (c)August, 2003
Lone Grove, Oklahoma

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