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updated: January 30, 2009


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Broken Branches

Hello. My name is Nanci Pattenden. Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find out a little about myself and my work experience. Broken Branches is a "name in progress" for a possible part-time genealogy research business. Probably won't happen until retirement.

My resume is available online by clicking the first link on the left sidebar.

Currently I am employed at BLJC in Markham, as an Accounting/Reporting Assistant. I have been here as a permanent employee since the fall of 2004, and was a temp employee in a manufacturing plant office for about 8 months before that.

Most of my work experience was at one company, Toronto Hydro. I was there from June 1981 to August 2001. They offered a package and I decided to take advantage of it. I have been working in an office since 1976, so I do have lots of experience. I have seen the different types of office equipment change over the years. Procedures and politics have changed quite a bit too.

I have completed several certification programs at three major colleges in and around the Toronto Area - Seneca College, Durham College, and Humber College. Most of the programs are office related, and my most recent completed program was the Project Management Certificate at Humber, which was finished in June of 2006. I am almost finished another program, again on line. This time I am taking a diploma program through Keyano College, Red Deer Alberta. It's the first time I have been able to find an actual diploma program that you don't need to attend school during the day to obtain! I had originally expected to complete this diploma by the end of 2008, but course cancellations have changed that.

All my certificates have been obtained through continuing education courses. Some were taken at the college, others via correspondence courses and some over the internet. I have been taking courses since 1981. There are not very many semesters in which I did not take something. I believe it is very important to keep up with the changes.

I am currently taking courses at the University of Toronto. They have a program in conjunction with So far I have my Basic and Intermediate Level Certificates in General Methodology, and Canadian Records, and the Basic in English Records. I recently complete the last mandatory course to complete my Advanced General Methodology and Canadian Records Certificates. Still have my electives to take, and then I am done. I expect that to be finished sometime in 2009. .

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