Lithuania Trip Photos

May 9 - 17, 2001

by Nancy Lefkowitz

View Roll 1 Mexico and Vilna

View Roll 1 Mexico and Vilna

View Roll 2 Vilna

. Vilna Ghetto

. University

. Mass Massacre Site in the Ponar Forest

View Roll 3 Vilna

View Roll 4 Kovno Fort IX

.Streets of Kovno

.Kovno Ghetto

View Roll 5 Kovno Ghetto Site

.Kovno Synagogue


.Mass Murder Site of the Vilon Jews

.Yurburg Cemetery

View Roll 6 Yurburg

View Roll 7 Smalininken



View Roll 8 Sudarg and Kibart

View Roll 9 Kibart Cemetery and Kovna

.By the Banks of the Nieman

.Partizans Camp in the Rudniniki Forest

View Roll 10 Vilna

.Vilna Jewish Cemetery

.Trakai and Kairaite Homes

View Roll 11 KGB Headquarters Museum

.Baron Hirsh's Poor Houses


.Sugichara Memorial

View Roll 12 Vilna and Helsinki


View later images from Sudarg - photos sent to Fania from Sudarg concerning the Sudarg Jewish Cemetery and the Mass Murder sites

Participants, City (Family/Shtetl in Lithuania):

Itzhak and Nava Zarnitsky, Tel Aviv (Krelitz, Naividel / Yurburg)

Esther Bejar-Sherman, Mexico City (Krelitz, Naividel / Yurburg &Vilon;)

Lottye Brodsky, Dallas (Krelitz / Vidukla & Rassein)

Marc Schumann, Coral Gables, FL (Krelitz/Rassein)

Gary Schumann, Van Nuys, CA (Krelitz/Rassein)

Brenda Freshman, Santa Monica, CA (Krelitz , Naividel / Yurburg)

Joel Alpert and Nancy Lefkowitz, Boston (Krelitz, Eliashevitz, Naividel / Yurburg)

Fania and Micha Jivotovsky, Montreal (Hilelson, Rosin / Sudarg)

Leon Menzer, Dallas (Menzer / Yurburg)

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