Jennifer Lynne Marcoux

January 04, 1980 -- October 31, 1997

Jennifer Lynne Marcoux

What Could Have Been...

What Wasn't

In memory of Jennifer (Fer-Fer) Lynne Marcoux.... Who, on 10-31-97, lost her on going battle with depression. Jennifer attended a therapeutic school equipped to handle teens with problems.

On Halloween, she entered her school program dressed as a dead person with a shirt stating
"Help Me" on the back, and a chain fastened around her neck. Sometime between 8:05 AM and 11:30 AM, she walked into first period and walked out. The last time she was seen

alive by a fellow student was at approximately 10:45 AM That would be the last time anyone would see Jennifer alive. But couldn't anyone see that she was troubled and crying out for help? Her family remained shocked and baffled as to how Jennifer managed, and or was permitted to roam that halls of the school without drawing attention to herself, considering she was wearing a shirt that was blatantly screaming "Help Me."

The school was contacted several times prior to Jennifer taking her life. The most recent time was three days before. The faculty assured the family of Jennifer's "safety" and that she would be monitored closely, if need be, help would be made available, as all the resources were within the school. For three and a half hours, the love of her mother's life and the sunshine in her father's, hung in a toilet stall without anyone detecting her absence.

Jennifer was never put on status for being late to class, she had not even been absent more than one day in two and a half years. Not even to be missed, not even concerned about her absence, not one faculty member thought to look for her. She was stumbled upon by another student on the first floor, main lobby bathroom.

We may never know what pushed Jennifer over the edge that very day. What we would like to know is how the experts missed all the classic signs and symptoms Jennifer sent out.

Forever and Always in Our Hearts. In the Hearts of Many. We will miss you and never forget all that could have been.

Love Always, Mom, Dad, Tim, Meatloaf, Joe, Rob, Amy, Madison, Joey, Annette, Mary, Anna, Jessica, Marina, Martha, Yessie, Fritz, Liz, Katie, etc. etc. etc. Our lives are forever changed.


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Memorial Details
Birthplace: Elizabeth
Residence: New Jersey
Occupation: Student
Father's Name: Richard
Mother's Name: Nancy

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