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Murali Kris Nandigama


About Me

I am Murali, born w..a..y...b...a...c..k.. in 1969 in Andhra Pradesh, India.I did my primary schooling in a village called Kaikalur, which is the second biggest oil and natural gas base for ONGC in India now.

I migrated to Vijayawada in 1982 and joined my 9th class there and continued my studies in Vijayawada up to B.Sc. Ohh by the way I was University Ranker in my B.Sc. ( Don't tell any one .... it was 10th Rank !!! okay okay ...but still ten is good out of 125 colleges and 6000 students.... right !! ).

I joined M.Sc., Physics with specialization in electronics in Andhra University Vizag in 1989. It was like a paradise on earth. If you have not seen that place.. then you must see that atleast once. The other place you should see is manas sarovar in Himalayas. I enjoyed more and studied less in A.U. but still managed to come out with flying colors ( Shhh.... don't ask how !! That's my little secret !!! )

Then I did my M.Phil and Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics in the University of Hyderabad, India during 1992-1997. I was course topper in M.Phil. and GATE and CSIR Fellow in Ph.D. For few months I also worked as Faculty in the department of computer science in UoHyd on a term appointment.

After my schooling, I joined Tata Consultancy Services in India, 1998-2001 and right now I work for Sun Microsystems in California, USA.

My wife's name is Sujatha and I have two kids, Aditya and Manasa. Adi goes to pre-school and Manasa is very busy learning the art of  munching the first foods. She is a sweet 7 months old.

That is all about me !!!


Things I do in my spare time

Pay Back Time
I did most of my schooling in public schools. I have been paid to do my studies by way of scholarships and fellowships ( which are a consequence of  good scores and hard work ) and at the end of the day, I feel that I owe a debt to my country, my state and my people.

So, I donate money to charitable organizations that are trying to  do some thing good in India and in A.P.

However, recently I have started working on a project, which , when completed would really make me feel proud  that I have payed it forward to the current and coming batches of students some of what I have taken from the society. For more details ..... please visit E.D.C.A.P. at this web site
I would love to spend mid nights and early hours of beautiful days reading things about ancient cultures and civilizations, Quantum Physics and String theory with a back ground of  low volume beautiful old songs.