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Welcome to Maurizio D'Arro's little home in Internet, the first beer can and breweriana collecting related website from Sicily

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Last update: December 4 2002

Updated sections: glasses

Special thanks to Andrea Pollett, whose help made possible to create this website.

Hello, my name is Maurizio D'Arrņ and I live in Catania, Sicily, Southern Italy. I am a member of Bcca - Beer Can Collectors Of America- (# 26784)and of the italian breweriana collectors' association Il Barattolo (# 1444)

British cans
Early british conetops
The first italian beer can - late 50's
ods I
camouflage U.S. cans
flat top - Austria
Flat top - Great Britain
Flat top - France
Flat top - Switzerland
Flat top - Germany
British cans I started collecting in mid 70's. Now I only collect old european beer cans.

Kruegers U.S. vintage cans.
oldies Erica and Ann
Annpool On this webpage you can see some can in my collection and old breweriana of Birra Messina and Tennent's Brewery .


Girls In my collection there are 2.040 beer cans, including hundreds of Tennent cans.


Burns FT I hope that this webpage will help me finding new friends and old cans such as british cone tops and Tennent flat tops.
tenoldtrayII Tennent's stuff.........
tenoldtray Tennent's
Caledonian label

... and Birra Messina's , beer brand from Sicily now owned by Heineken Italy.


Birra Messina plate
glass II
Birra Messina glass - 40's
glass II
Birra Messina glass - 50's
targa IV
cardboard - 60's

Messina Brewery in Messina (Sicily) mid 30's.

Neon lighted sign - late 60's

etichetta etichetta II etichetta III
Labels - late 60's

royal mess GranPrem
more old labels

coaster1 coaster3
Coasters (year unknown)

My e-mail address is:


I have another website. If you click here you'll see some other can of my collection..

If you click on this link you will see some of my Tennent cans.

If you'll click on this link you'll see some of the oldest cans in my collection.-----> Coming Soon!!

Breweriana for sale or trade (Click on any icon)

New categories will be added soon ---->please scroll down
Coming soon

Just click on a big picture and you'll see lists and pictures of selected item.


Beer cans,
mainly european from mid 70's to late 80's
Updated on December 29th 2001

Old Italian Beer Glasses
Updated on December 4th 2002
Old Italian Beer Signs
Updated on April 26th 1999
Old italian and european beer bottles
Updated on February 9th 2000
Old Italian Beer trays
Updated on May 7th 2002/I>
Advertising pages
from old italian magazines
Updated on November 20th 2001
Old Italian wooden crates
Updated on November 8th 2001
Old Italian Ashtrays
Updated on April 15th 2001
Old Italian non alcoholic beverages trays
Updated on October 10th 1999
Stoneware mugs from several countries
Updated on November 8th 2001
Old Italian Beer Coasters
Updated on April 14th 2001
Old Italian crown caps
Updated on December 20th 1999
Old Beer Calendars
Updated on October 23rd 2000
Old Italian Labels
Updated on September 12th 2001

Old Italian Coca-Cola collectibles
Updated on September 12th 2001



Foreign beer glasses
Coming soon
Old italian soft drinks glasses
Coming soon
Old italian soft-drinks serving trays
Coming soon
Party cans
Coming soon
Foreign beer coasters
Coming soon
Foreign beer labels
Coming soon
Foreign beer bottles
Coming soon
Various collectibles
Coming soon

Maurizio D'Arro's Beer Can Collectors' Homepage

Maurizio D'Arro'

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