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Gene Whitt's aviation articles

Updated 6th June, 2003

Jul 2, 1999
The aviation part of this site is not being actively maintained any longer. Please go to Gene's site directly at

This site has some of Gene Whitt's aviation related articles written in Microsoft Word 6 (self-extracting archive format) A great source of information especially for student pilots. Private pilots can benefit from Gene's attention to detail and is a great refresher in the practical aspects of flying.

Click on the links below to download files from this page.  They are 4 self-extracting files which will extract to the directory of your choosing. They have been renamed to "zip" files to allow a proper download to your system. Please follow the instructions below -

Once downloaded into a temporary area on your hard disc,

  • contains VFR student/private pilot (part 1) training files (1.19MB) in MS Word 6 format - Last update: Feb '98
  • contains VFR student/private pilot (part 2) training files (1.09MB) in MS Word 6 format - Last update: Feb '98
  • IFR related topics discussed here (616kB) in MS Word format - Last update - Feb '98
  • Short articles on various aspects of flying (412kB) in MS Word format - Last update: Feb '98

  • Here are all the articles from the file available for online reading in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader ver. 3.0 for this.
  • Articles
    About carb heat
    Use of checklists
    On overcontrolling
    Little things that make a better pilot
    About P-factor
    Cruise control for airplanes
    Flare - Part 0
    Flare - Part 1
    Generic landing
    The last thirty seconds
    The whys of poor landings
    Difficult patterns
    25 hours (Poor students?) Day 1
    25 hours (Poor students?) Day 2
    Checkride (notes from all over)
    Mountain cross country
    Ten days to get a license
    Weather flight
    It's about Time
    How aircraft got their green & red running lights
    How we got pattern A and pattern B
    Why airplane pilots sit on the left side
    Miles and miles
    Spins were a one time thing in 1914
    Calm wind landings
    Crosswind operations
    Go Arounds, Part 1
    Go Arounds, Part 2
    Go Arounds, Hazards
    Airport Patterns
    Night Flying, Safety
    Night Flight, Part 1
    Night Flight, Part 2
    Safety, the little things
    Safety, it is relative to ...
    Radio work, Part 1
    Radio work, Part 2
    Exercises in radio work
    FSS Procedures
    GPS and LORAN
    Radar communications
    Uncontrolled airports
    Transponder basics
    Solo, SVFR etc
    Safe Airspeeds
    Ready to solo?
    Afraid of stalls?
    Introduction to SVFR
    SVFR training
    SVFR, Airspace and comm examples
    Beginning Lessons
    Training program
    What do you do if you're not making progress?
    Why teach with a recorder
    Instructional sequence
    Soft-field takeoff
    How I do it
    Now what?
    Why is there so much poor instruction?
    More on instruction
    The nature of certainty
    The way it should be
    Dutch rolls
    Finding airports
    Course reversal

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