Black Country swan on the canal

The Black Country Local and Family History List

Welcome to the List that celebrates the Black Country area of England. It is well defined by our leader, Dave Ogden, in a link further down the page. It is the area to the west and north of Birmingham that was so heavily industrialized during the Industrial Revolution that the soil, houses and people were pretty much coverd in black soot and dust. We are proud of the ability of our ancestors to survive and thrive in this atmosphere. These pages and this list help us to know and understand how these folks lived, what they ate, and where they worked.

Phillips map of the Black Counrty

Ron Jones in 2000

In Memoriam"

Ron Jones

February 14, 2004 in Austrailia

The Black Country Surname file is at this site. Check your listings.

Itinerary for the BC Reunion June 2003 and "What We Did In October 2002"

Reunion October 2000

Black Country Birthday List

Black Country Reunion May 2001

BC Christmas traditions and recipies

May 2001 Reunion in the BC Report and pictures by Phyllis and Mae.

Report and pictures by Yorkie of the May 2001 Reunion in the BC.

The June 2, 2001 Reunion in State College, PA, USA

The Rules Of This List


The Black Country Pages by Dave Ogden

The Ancient Manor of Sedgley by Ian Beach

canalboat and horse by Marjory

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October Reunion Portrait Galllery

Wish we could have been there too Gallery

About Narrowboats

More about Narrowboats

"Av yo sin them pikchers Ayli?

They'm bostin peepul an it luks loike they ad a bostin toime an orl.

We wud a bin there if yo ad tuk that left turn as wen we left Marbella."

Graham (greyhawk) Hawker

Christmas in the Black Country

The group meets at "The Railway" good food available very cheaply - meet up and natter. This is the official Pub of the Black Country List.

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