The Black Country Living Museum

 Map of the Black Country Living Museum

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Polly and Relative, photo by JanePolly found one of her ancestor names in the Famous Black Country People display.

Fish & Chips, photo by Jane
The Ogden family(Dave, Anne and Jo) enjoying the the fish & chips at the Black Country Museum. Probably the best meal of the day. The good smell of the salt and vinegar on the fish & chips as people carried them out of the shop drove the rest of in to enjoy this savory meal.

chain maker, photo by CedricThe blacksmith's shop featured a chain making display and a blacksmith shaping horse shoes.

BC Museum boatyard, photo by Cedric The Narrowboat yard within the Black Country Museum as seen from the restaurant.

Wendy & Jane, photo by Yorkie

Jane and Wendy looking at a live-aboard that is For Sale.

Dudley Tunnel Entrance, photo by Yorkie

This is the entrance to the Dudley Tunnel, two miles long, not straight and very low in some spots. Sometimes boats got stuck. All boats had to be legged through this tunnel. The horses were led up a path that went over the top. This was the Ward Limestone Mine. Anne Ogden was awarded a "legging certificate" for helping to work the tour boat out of the tunnel

legging photo by Dave

inside the Wesylan Church, Photo by Dave

Wendy, Jane and Yorkie in front of the Wesylan Church. This is a street lined with shops and buildings you would find in the Black Country in the past. There is a hardware store, a chemist, a candy store and the Famous (at least with our group) the Fish and Chips shop. There is a movie theater around the corner. Behind the home next to the Movie Theater is the Blacksmith shop. In the garden beyond the wall where the Ogdens were eating their fish and chips is a quite lovely kitchen garden. Polly and Sharon saw the glass worker in action. He was etching glassware as it would have been done in the 1800's.

The school, photo by Dave

The school that was moved from Sedgley.

Wendy and Jane pose in front of Newcommen's Pump building.

Dave took this picture of the pump.

This is a section of the pump within the building.


You might not recognise this person. She lives in the BC and tried to join us at the BC Museum. Everywhere she asked she was told "Oh yes, they were just here and have gone on to the next building." Her signature is Jo on the list.