Britannia Dinner

The Britannia Dinner was a nice event. We were able to order off the menu at the "pre-theater" prices (6.95 UKP or 7.95 UKP) instead of the 13.95 UKP we were promised. The food was good - as it was everywhere we ate. The group ended up split into two groups. No - we didn't have a fight. The groups were the "smokers" and the "non-smokers". It all worked out very well.

Dinner at the Britannia, photo by Jane

Nigel, Wendy, Polly and Jean are facing the camera. Pat, Alex, Jan, and Sharron have their backs to the camera. Dave is in the shadows.

Dinner at the Britannia, photo by Jane

Sharron, Jan, Alex, Pat, Jean Henery and a tiny bit of Sammi.

Dinner at the Britannia, photo by Jane

Polly & Wendy are in the foreground. Dave, Jo, Yorkie and Sharron are facing the camera.

We can recommend the Britannia as a good place to stay in the Black Country if you need transportation. It was within a block of the train station and across the street from the main bus station. It was just three blocks to the Metro. We were able to get around very nicely and only needed rides from new friends for the "pub events" in the evening.

The down side to the Britannia were the very lively and loud night clubs across the street. Cedric & Sue moved to quieter rooms after one night. Yorkie & Jane, Polly & Sharron and Wendy found that they were so tired at the end of each day that after a brief time of being annoyed at the noise they drifted off to sleep very easily and slept soundly.

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