The Buffet at The Port and Ale in Tipton

Clive and Phil treated the BCR attendees to a delicious buffet dinner at THE PORT AND ALE. Unfortunatly for a few of us who were not familiar with the area, the owners of the pub had removed the name sign and placed it alongside the garden. (Almost impossible to see in the dark.) Some of us drove by it, talked about it, but missed the sign the first time around. All the while most of our group was inside having a merry time.

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Port & Ale, photo by Jane

We filled a corner with our conversation and stories. Phil Sue, Polly, Sharron & Colin.

Port & Ale, photo by Jane

Jackie (Clive's wife), Cedric, Sue, Polly, Sharron & Colin. Wendy and Phil are in the foreground.

Port & Ale, photo by Jane

Storytelling Phil and Clive and Cedric.

Port & Ale, photo by Jane

Shirley, Yorkie, Jackie and Cassy

Port & Ale, photo by Jane

Yorkie, Clive, Wendy and Shirley.

A good time was had by all.

The interesting part of this reunion was that there was a fairly large group of people, but at most of the events there were between 5 and 20 people. Some of us were never able to meet some of the other people since we didn't show up at the same events.

Tracy's Canal Art, photo by Jane

Beautifully worked Traditional Narrowboat/canal art, painted by Clive's daughter Tracey.

Photos supplied by Clive of the Port and Ale. the Port & Ale, photo by Clive

In the second photo you will see the REAL Port and Ale sign that we missed that night - even before the Pernod started flowing. :-)

Port & Ale, photo by Clive

How could we have missed the sign?

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