The Reunion People

I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  It was hard to stop and take pictures.  This group was always on the move and so much was happening that demanded our attention.  If I missed anyone will you be please kind enough to supply .jpg files for me or tell me where I can link to them.

Dave Ogden - our leader and organizer (formal & informal in "The hat")



and Phil


  who organized and gave to us as a gift the buffet meal at the Pub with No Name (The Port and Ale).


Cassie, our "Black Country Poster Wench". (a.k.a. Pernod Cassie)

Bill & Ben Turtle, photo by Cassie

These turtles are Cassie's pets. They didn't actually come to the reunion. They have been topics of conversation on the list before we met Cassie.


Jane   and Yorkie    

They set up the dinner at the Britannia and found that the transportation around the Black Country is excellent - especially if you book your rooms at the Britannia which is next to the main bus stop and within sight of the train station and a few blocks from the Metro.

Polly, who provided support in the form of Reunion planning expertise and her computer and mobil phone as a contact base at the Britannia.  She provided emergency and family contact via her laptop over less than super hotel phone lines.


Sharron (a.k.a. Sheila ) was usually seen with Polly as they are longtime friends and researching some of the same names.


Sometimes Colin joined them and us.  

Carol the hatter who came to the Bottel and knows how many Pernods Cassy drank.


  who provided ground transportation for Yorkie and Jane to the "Pub with no name" and helped Jane work out the money situation at the Black Country Museum.  (Don't let the American handle the money if you want it to work out right.)

Jean whose Ford Fiesta does carry 5 people if requested.  Watch for her sense of humor.


Cedric and Sue


who found quieter rooms away from the Britannia. They did some room research for the May 2001 reunion.

Nigel who ended up with too many other things to do to do more than join us at the Britannia.

The same applied to Jan and Alex. Jan runs the workhouse-L on Rootsweb. Believe me we were glad to see anyone from the list anytime they could make it for however long they could spare.


Sammi who was able to talk the Brierly Crystal Works to give her a tour even though Dave and friends had been turned down because the company went bankrupt that day. 


Pat Hayward, whose husband was ill that night, brought her good friend to join us at the Britannia.


Bob,"a extremely knowlegeable man"(D. Ogden) was at the Bottel.

Two very special ladies who support our group because their husbands are so involved with everything:

Jo Ogden     and Jackie Jones 

We also met Cassie's daughters Teresa and ? and Dave's daughters Anne and Emma.

"Shirley from Cumbria".


Who did I miss?



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