We wanted to be there too

21 year old Liz (sunnynook)

Margaret the Wench

Dave T
Dave Tomlinson (left) in Canada

Ian Beach exiled from Sedgley

Denyse Bonney
Denyse from Australia

Judy with an AOL address

Jan from Walsall who now lives in Wales

Marathon Ron

Click on this picture to see Ron with several hundred of his closest friends ready to run in a marathon.

Graham Hawker

Graham - "I was hoping to come to the reunion (with me maytes Aynuk an Ayli an all) but as you can see I got lost on the way. "Loike oi sed Ayli yo tuk a wrong tern wen we wos leevingg Marbella. This ay the Black Country - there ay nowbody drinkingg tea and the sky's a funny blue culer - that doh seem roit."


The Welsh Lady Audrey


The Welsh Warlock - Tony


Jomarie - She tried to catch up with us at the Black Country Museum and seriously thought about joining us at the Port and Ale and the Bottel.

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