Welcome to the Magician's Tower.

Here I keep my archives, which died long ago. Only memory remains.

The sort of things you could expect to find here include my little stories and poems. I'm not particularly good at storytelling or poetizing. However, you are more than welcome to come inside, if you know me and so choose, and read.

Tower Work

You've come upon an abandoned tower, a place of emotion and contemplation now silenced. There is scarce a thought that continues to echo in the walls, but if you had known it in its glory, its power remains unscathed.

Through May '05, I was updating the History of this tower. I tweaked a few things in later, in Feb, so here's some more of the story. Not all cuz for one thing it's not complete, for another, well, it's stupid. I write slowly, and ponderingly, and with a great deal of stimuli that like to change things around, so...I wouldn't--I don't--hold my breath on any of my stories. This one has an ending in my imagination, but hey, over there I don't have to make any of it realistic. Personal daydreams. Very fitting that no one else sees this...no one else really should. De bene esse.

The Magician