Welcome to the Nashville Community Center. 
If you don't have a site in the Nashville neighborhood 
and are interested in joining 
go to the Nashville Sign Up page today!

 It seems to be the craze these days! 
Everyone wants to have a web page.
It is a way of making a statement, reflecting their personality! 
Or it may just be a common ground where you and all your friends 
can perhaps get to know each other. 
There are many programs out there that a person 
can use to make their own web page! 
BUT if you do not know where to begin nor have the knowledge 
on how to make a web page, this is where the 
Nashville School House comes in. 

If you have always wanted to learn to create web page 
or perhaps learn to make graphics, we offer FREE easy lessons for you. 
Why settle for templates or Page builders when learning 
with us is so simple. 
Whether it's simple HTML 101, Tables, Frames, 
Forms, Paint Shop Pro, we personalize each class with 
one on one contact  so you can have the attention you may need. 

Come on in, sign up now 
and meet our Nashville School HouseTeam !

Visit The Nashville Community Library! 
All the books in the library will take you through out GeoCities, 
finding useful information to help you maintain your homestead, 
offer you tips on building your site and find your way 
around Yahoo! Geocities .

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Last modified on jANUARY, 2004